…where there’s life, there’s rhythm

Welcome to Community Tribal Drummers where you get to create in the moment music using world percussion instruments and voice to build your community and have a great time.


When making music together we get the creative juices flowing, which gives us the courage and desire to be the best we can be in our daily lives.


Do you want an innovative, creative event to liven up your group?

Rhythm Play Workshops Improve

Communication        Health and Well Being

Co operation              Interaction

Productivity                Morale


The Workshops are

Cross Cultural                       Fun                               Motivating

Stress Reducing                   Lively                           Empowering

Accessible                              Loud                            Creative

Affordable                             Engaging                    Energetic


Workshops are used by

Corporate Companies                  Special Needs Groups                                              Cultural Events

Elderly Folk                                    Community Groups                                                  Prisons

Schools                                            Private Parties                                                           Parent and Toddler

Festivals                                          Health Groups                                                           Youth Groups

Open Days                                      Carers                                                                           Unemployed



So Get In Touch – Make A Booking  – And Let’s Get started!

M: 0789 1494087

E: info@communitytribaldrummers.co.uk